How do you feel about newer androids coming out with no expandable storage and removable battery?

Basically what the title says. Lately most android phones are going with the no expandable storage and no removable battery, Samsung being the newer addition to that. Personally here at T3G we feel this is a no no. The companies seem to want to go the route of limiting on what we can do. We personally love the option that not having to choose what size phone we want storage wise when buying it because we know we can always expand it. Also need to do a hard reset because your phone is frozen, just remove the battery. Battery is no longer holding charge, just buy a new one. Manufacturers are getting rid of this so that way we as consumers can spend even more money on either a new phone or repairing them. I’m sorry but that is just wrong, especially with a lot of the phones costing $600+. How do you feel?


Want to learn some stuff about Linux?

We here at T3G watch our share of videos online to get info on tech. One of the things I have personally been interested in more lately has been learning more about Linux, specifically Ubuntu. One of the places I get great info is over at Tek Syndicate. Check out their Linux channel if you want to learn about some stuff in Linux!

Tek Syndicate

Windows 10 Privacy, is there a problem?

There is a particular item of Windows 10 that is making waves in news. When you update to Windows 10 you are prompted for some privacy settings and recommends that you use the express settings but some people believe that the express settings allow to much information to go out. Do you feel this is a proper thing to worry about or is it something that you feel is not necessarily bad?