Atomi Sound Hub Bluetooth Speaker with Charge Hub Review

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The Quick and Dirty:



  • Good sound
  • very light
  • exemplary battery life
  • two 2.1A USB charging ports
  • two 1A USB charging ports
  • two AC charging ports


  • VERY susceptible to fingerprints.

Should you buy it?

ABSOLUTELY. In fact, here’s the link to buy it from Amazon –

While you’re at it, pick up some microfiber for those fingerprints –

Rosewill RFA-120-RL 120mm Case Fan Review (Reddax)


The Rosewill RFA-120-RL  is a great fan for the price point. Usually fans that are under 10 dollars tend to be pretty awful. But the Rosewill is actually a great solution for under 10 dollars. It moves a lot of air (75 CFM) which is actually really good, most expensive fans can’t even move that much. The amount of noise it makes it the biggest downfall of the fan.

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Tech-cessories G500s Laser Gaming Mouse [[Cerebro Review]]


I’ve broken more mice in my time than I’d like to admit. It got so bad that I eventually started to just buy cheap mice, knowing I’d eventually break them. With a cheap mouse, however, you don’t get the features of a nice quality peripheral. My most recent replacement for a set I spilled something on (I wasn’t joking, it’s a regular occurrence) was the Microsoft Wireless Comfort 5000 keyboard/mouse combo. The mouse was great for my hands (I’ve got bear claws, as my friends say), and the keyboard is a nice blend of ergo and media. Then I got my hands on Tribes: Ascend. Now, I never meant for my main computer to be a gaming machine, so I did not consider that when buying. As my gaming continued, I wanted more and more for a more precise mouse, as I kept messing up when trying to make distance or moving shots.

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Windows 8.1 Update 1 [[Cerebro Review]]

Surface Start Screen
Updated Start Screen on Surface RT

Well everyone knows I am a big fan of Windows 8 – the Live Tiles, Start Screen, and -INCREDIBLE- speed increase sold me pretty early on. Windows 8.1 saw  the return of the Start Button (not the menu, I know) and improved keyboard/mouse user options including the ability to start directly on the desktop (a feature I still don’t use on my PC). With the addition of features in the Spring update, I love it even more.

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Tech-cessories : Green Throttle Atlas Review [[Cerebro]]

The plan has been, and remains, the purchase of a quad core Android box to hook up to my TV in the living room, and populate a memory device with as many classic games as can be done by way of emulation. This plan continues, and draws closer every day. To that end, I purchased the Green Throttle Atlas from eBay (Seller dcegroup). Continue reading “Tech-cessories : Green Throttle Atlas Review [[Cerebro]]”