Tech-cessories G500s Laser Gaming Mouse [[Cerebro Review]]


I’ve broken more mice in my time than I’d like to admit. It got so bad that I eventually started to just buy cheap mice, knowing I’d eventually break them. With a cheap mouse, however, you don’t get the features of a nice quality peripheral. My most recent replacement for a set I spilled something on (I wasn’t joking, it’s a regular occurrence) was the Microsoft Wireless Comfort 5000 keyboard/mouse combo. The mouse was great for my hands (I’ve got bear claws, as my friends say), and the keyboard is a nice blend of ergo and media. Then I got my hands on Tribes: Ascend. Now, I never meant for my main computer to be a gaming machine, so I did not consider that when buying. As my gaming continued, I wanted more and more for a more precise mouse, as I kept messing up when trying to make distance or moving shots.

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Windows 8.1 Update 1 [[Cerebro Review]]

Surface Start Screen
Updated Start Screen on Surface RT

Well everyone knows I am a big fan of Windows 8 – the Live Tiles, Start Screen, and -INCREDIBLE- speed increase sold me pretty early on. Windows 8.1 saw  the return of the Start Button (not the menu, I know) and improved keyboard/mouse user options including the ability to start directly on the desktop (a feature I still don’t use on my PC). With the addition of features in the Spring update, I love it even more.

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Tech-cessories : Green Throttle Atlas Review [[Cerebro]]

The plan has been, and remains, the purchase of a quad core Android box to hook up to my TV in the living room, and populate a memory device with as many classic games as can be done by way of emulation. This plan continues, and draws closer every day. To that end, I purchased the Green Throttle Atlas from eBay (Seller dcegroup). Continue reading “Tech-cessories : Green Throttle Atlas Review [[Cerebro]]”

Automatic – Monitor your car.

Monitor your car stats
Monitor your car stats

The thing about this device, and the attached app, is that I think that it’s an amazing idea, especially at the price point.

I worked in the auto parts industry for a couple of years, and the equivalent of this device starts at $150, and that’s for a base unit. The display is two-tone black on green, and you really have to fiddle around with the controls to see your data.

Automatic definitely seems to give the user the most that a person (or even a mechanic) could get from their car’s computer. Now from the video, it’s hard to tell how specific it gets, but I may have to add this to the list of items to purchase for myself. I’m pretty excited about this. The safety features alone are worth the $100 price tag. If you go to malls, or travel and make stops at unfamiliar places, it knows where you parked! This is going to me a must-have for me. I’m saving the link.