Want to learn some stuff about Linux?

We here at T3G watch our share of videos online to get info on tech. One of the things I have personally been interested in more lately has been learning more about Linux, specifically Ubuntu. One of the places I get great info is over at Tek Syndicate. Check out their Linux channel if you want to learn about some stuff in Linux!

Tek Syndicate

Rosewill RFA-120-RL 120mm Case Fan Review (Reddax)


The Rosewill RFA-120-RL  is a great fan for the price point. Usually fans that are under 10 dollars tend to be pretty awful. But the Rosewill is actually a great solution for under 10 dollars. It moves a lot of air (75 CFM) which is actually really good, most expensive fans can’t even move that much. The amount of noise it makes it the biggest downfall of the fan.

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