Play DVDs on Windows 10 for FREE

Fifteen  bucks? Get real.
Fifteen bucks? Get real.

Apparently someone over at Microsoft lost their mind and removed the ability to play DVDs from Windows. They have an app to do it, but it’s FIFTEEN DOLLARS! That’s a joke. That’s some intern’s stupid idea to capitalize on the older generation and those who just don’t know.

DVD playback is free. It has always been free, and will always be free.

Here’s my list of three players you can use instead of paying $14.99 for the Microsoft app.

VLC Player


VideoLAN’s ongoing and ever-upgrading software has served me for many years and has always remained free. It has failed to play exactly one thing in more than ten years, and that file was corrupted. You never need any “additional codecs” or any other such noise.

You can download VLC PLayer here.




Another player with built-in codecs, and simple and easy playback. Well-liked across the internet and feature-rich.

You can download UMPlayer here.



Media Player Classic


A throwback in appearance but not capability. With the look of the old Windows 98 Media Player and able to play all the popular formats, this is a nice and clean player for any use. I usually end up with this by downloading the K-Lite Codec Pack – which gets you the codecs to play just about anything from anywhere.

You can download MP Classic here or get the whole shebang at the K-Lite Codec Pack site.


Rage against the dang machine.


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